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get lords mobile gems fast and free

Welcome to the best way to earn an amazing number of gems in Lords Mobile game !

Have you already seen people do a hack using a gems generator on lords mobile to get the amount of gems they want in a matter of only few minutes ? It can be very disgusting to see that when you put a lot of pain and effort on your account without real success for your empire.

You can either search for a nice team with the mate arround you, this point is really important to get the nicest development possible. As the real life, the much you are, stronger you are : for example if you choose to play solo and if there are a lot of big guilds everywhere arround you on the map, you wont be able to get a easy evolution of your buildinds. So just try to be friendly with some other players near to you and try to join the guild or create it if they are solo too. It can be very benefical for both of you if you can ally to beat some ennemy (real players or mod) and I personally think that Lords Mobile is even more fun when you play it as mutliplayers game than solo. Don't forget that it's a strategy online game, so you have to be smart and think a lot if you want to be on the top of highscore. This game is not reputed to be easy, and many players are here since fews years ( especially Asian players), so don't be afraid to make ally to destroy them ! 

The last step I would suggest you to dominate your territory on Lords Mobile is to use a gems generator that will bring to your account up to 100k gems and some coins too. You can find the website on the link I shared above, everything is well explained on the site itself there is a little tutorial about how to use it. Within some minutes you will be able to see the gems coming in real time on your lords mobile profile.

I did that like 5 or 6 times and it has always worked fine. I'm just scared because I think this hack will be patched or deleted by the IGG company because they won't be friendly with people using this kind of tool. Indeed, for this society it can bring a real lost of money in their budget because every gems players have for free is less money spend on Lords Mobile game, so less money for IGG.

Anyway I still recommend you to use this generator as soon as possible if you want some free ressources because we don't know if this tool will still be available tomorrow, or next week, or next month...


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